Ways to Burn more Calories at Work

Ways to Burn more Calories at Work


Penciling in time for a workout during the work week can be a challenge for those of us with busy schedules. We know the benefits of living a healthy, energetic lifestyle with activity, but can still struggle with finding the time to do it other than the weekend. Consider these helpful tips for ways to improve your energy at work and burn those calories!

  • Try adding in a bike or walk to your morning transit. If you take the bus or subway, get off at an earlier stop and walk the rest of the way. For those of you who drive, park further away from work and get a short walk in to help wake up before the shift begins and walk up the stairs instead of the elevator to add onto it!
  • Instead of sitting idle for the entire day, try adding in a walk during lunch breaks and stretching at your work station to keep the blood flowing. This can help improve your cardiovascular health by keeping blood flowing more easily through your body
  • Find a group. Going out to lunch with a group and having your coworkers and friends keep accountability on both your and their fitness ensures consistency with basic efforts and can keep you going on a bad day.
  • When acceptable, try having meetings on the go so you can add in more walking. If you need to stay near your workstation, walk around the building. If not, take the meeting or call outdoors to enjoy the open space.
  • Burning fat is based on expending energy in the form of calories. When your body exceeds the number of calories taken in by food it will begin to burn fat to compensate. To support this, consider fitting in a short fast walk before lunch to burn energy off before eating so less of it is stored as fat in the long run.

For more information, check out the Mayo Clinic’s article:

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