General Surgery

An Important Link to Better Health

General Surgeons are typically recommended when a patient suffers from a condition that medication alone cannot treat. At Johns Creek Surgery, PC, Dr. Christopher J. Hart and Dr. William H. Johnson do many outpatient procedures routinely performed in a physician’s office. They also perform more complicated surgeries that require a team of medical professionals working in a hospital-like setting. General surgeons focus their efforts on the stomach, spleen, hernia, colon, appendix, thyroid gland, some arteries, and veins.

Staying current on the latest techniques is important to our doctors. Laparoscopy leaves smaller scars, and the small openings heal more quickly and get infected less often. Continued advancements in robotic surgery and the development of other specialized techniques and equipment make general surgery procedures less intimidating for the patient and shorten recovery time dramatically.

Patient-Centered Surgery

The doctors at Johns Creek Surgery, PC, are leaders in the field of managing all aspects of the surgical patient: preoperative, intraoperative, and post-operative care. The dedicated doctors and well-trained, caring staff strive to provide outstanding care for their patients. Our skilled surgeons offer a wide variety of laparoscopic and general surgery options:

Comprehensive Pre-op and Caring Post-op

Preparing for surgery has never been easier because of advanced diagnostic techniques. Based on the patient’s past medical history, the surgeon orders a series of tests to have baseline information before surgery. Patients receive printed educational material and have ample opportunity to confer with the doctor and ask questions about the surgery. The doctor may also ask the patient to review videotapes or audio tapes to prepare for the surgery. Dr. Hart or Dr. Johnson, discuss procedures thoroughly with patients and counsel them as needed to ensure the best possible result on planned surgery. The doctors will also discuss potential risks, anticipated outcome, anesthesia, and length of recovery and limitations after surgery. Pre-op is highly personalized and thorough at Johns Creek Surgery, PC.

Procedures in the outpatient category such as hernia repair, laparoscopy, and a wide range of bariatric and cosmetic procedures involve minimal blood loss and shorter recovery periods. Most of the time, oral medications control postoperative pain. One-day surgery centers such as Johns Creek Surgery, PC, provide a comfortable and convenient facility far from the normal hospital setting where emergencies cause delays and even cancellations. Skilled doctors and trained, certified medical professionals staff this fully accredited surgery center.

A Beautiful Blend: Experienced, Efficient, and Compassionate

Experienced doctors, a trained staff, and a state-of-the-art surgical facility make all the difference in the field of general surgery. The staff and surgeons at Johns Creek Surgery, PC, go above and beyond to make your surgical experience smooth and successful.

Johns Creek Surgery, PC, attracts patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area and beyond including Macon, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell, Duluth and Marietta, GA. Our Board Certified experts provide carefully structured guidance for weight-loss, vein health, and general surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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